The U.S. meat and poultry industry markets its products to a complex network of wholesalers, retailers, restaurant chains and government entities like the military and Federal School Lunch Program. Many customers - especially foodservice and government customers - maintain their own unique product specification requirements, contributing to the complexity of the U.S. market for meat and poultry.

AMI Members, Decision in Challenge to South Dakota Price Matching Statute (July 27, 1999)

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Government Documents
AMS Revised School Lunch Purchase Specifications (June 2000)

AMS Notice to Trade: New Contract Specifications (June 2000)

AMS Notice to Trade: Downer Cattle (July 2000)

AMS Addendum: Purchase Specifications and Clarification of Downer Policy (June 2000)

AMS Amendment 1: Purchase Specifications (June 2000)

mpXML and the Uniform Code Council to Collaborate on Global E-Business Standards for Perishables (July 12, 2002)